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Are you considering getting rid of your vacant land in order to improve your life with more money, but not sure how to sell it? Is it tiring to pay taxes, liens, and other expenses on land you won’t use?

It might be a good idea to own vacant land, but only if the land is useful. By holding onto vacant land they will never use, many landowners are actually losing tremendous amounts of money. You will lose even more money if you become one of them.

FAIR DEAL LAND BUYERS helps owners sell their unwanted properties in ANY condition (as-is) in a short period of time and for a fair amount of cash. As a result you’ll finally be free from your land, you won’t need to pay another cent for its maintenance, and you’ll end up with some extra money to spend as you wish. It’s a win-win situation. There’s only one step between you and a better life.

Who is actually considering selling land? Does selling your land make sense?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re qualified to sell your land, or if it’s even worth it. Many landowners ask “Should I sell my land?” Many of the landowners we work with are over 45 years old, married or have unused vacant land they want to get rid of. It has been in their possession for more than five years, but they have never used it. How about you?

You may not use your land, but you still have to pay taxes, liens, and other expenses. In some cases, landowners have extremely high back taxes or open liens on the vacant land.
There’s no point in sticking with the land because it’s useless and it just costs money. Perhaps you inherited the property or bought it for an idea you never realized. Maybe this land has bad memories for you because you went there with your ex-partner or the partner has passed away.

The majority of landowners we worked with didn’t know they were going to sell their land, but when a great opportunity arises, you need to take it. Selling your land without the right partner, on the other hand, can be even worse than keeping it. The vast majority of landowners don’t do any research on the property value. Their priority is getting quick and fair cash, as well as getting vacant land off their minds, so they no longer have to worry about it.

There are various reasons you might own vacant land:

What if owning land brings more pain than benefit?

Whatever the reason may be, you still need to pay taxes and other costs, and that’s not a pleasant feeling since you will never use this land. If you agree, then you should sell it before it eats even more of your hard-earned cash. Let’s turn all that pain and stress associated with owning this land into joy, freedom, and a fair amount of money.


The truth nobody wants you to know

The benefit of owning land is that your money is invested in a good asset. However, in the world of investments, there are profitable investments as well as those that cause you to lose money. You should take a look at your vacant land and think about what type of investment your vacant land falls into. Let us help you sell your vacant land and stop being burdened with it!

What can you expect when you sell land for cash?

This transaction will not involve any costs for you. We handle all closing costs and transfer fees.

It will no longer be necessary to pay for this land without using it and holding it will no longer negatively affect you.

You can expect fair cash for your personal life and needs as well as a straightforward, professional and trouble-free transaction.

The instant offer allows you to make a decision quickly and without having to wait.

Throughout the entire process, you can expect straightforward communication.

The land and the problems associated with it will not be your responsibility anymore. We buy any type of land.

We believe in our WIN-WIN mission:

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We make it easy for you to sell your land to us. You don't have to worry about anything, it's uncomplicated, fast & stress-free.

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With our cash offer, you’ll receive a fair price for your unwanted land as well as a valuable checklist and a $200 Amazon gift card.

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Who will take care of you?

Transform your vacant land into more freedom, money, and stability in your life

Getting fair cash fast for your vacant land without wasting time, hassles, or fees is a lot simpler than you think. It is about working with a partner who can truly assist you in achieving your goals and taking away your pain. What are your major advantages?

We will give you cash right away, and you won't have to do anything. We offer the easiest full-service transaction.

The extra money will enable you to upgrade your financial situation, invest in other properties, or take a vacation and make some dreams come true.

You no longer need to worry about not having enough retirement funds.

Furthermore, you will be free to explore new things and let go of old burdens. You are just one step away from freedom!

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Selling to a wholesaler: The 7 Biggest Mistakes you need to know:

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How happy clients feel about working with us?

Codey Joyner

UrbanAcres, LLC


“My move was way less stressful than expected! Movely packed everything, stored it for a week, and moved it all to my new home just as promised!”

Codey Joyner

UrbanAcres, LLC


“My move was way less stressful than expected! Movely packed everything, stored it for a week, and moved it all to my new home just as promised!”

Codey Joyner

UrbanAcres, LLC


“My move was way less stressful than expected! Movely packed everything, stored it for a week, and moved it all to my new home just as promised!”

We believe in our WIN-WIN mission

How Can Selling Your Unwanted Land Help Heroes Around You?

An in-depth due diligence process is conducted on the property. It is necessary to conduct title searches and purchase title insurance, and any issues that may limit the use of the property are addressed. But we close sooner than expected most of the time. Also, we work with Title Companies who handle the closing process, and these can also cause delays, depending on how busy they are at the time.

When all the research is completed, we will be able to safely close on the conditions that were promised in the contract. The closing agent will provide all closing documents to you for review and once approved, they will arrange a closing date and time that works for all parties. Depending on your preference, you can either go in person or use a Mobile Notary.

Mobile Notaries operate throughout the entire United States. Your closing agent will arrange for your documents to be brought to your home for closing by a Notary in your area. As part of the closing process, the Notary will check your identification and other documents to make sure they correspond with the closing documents, witness you signing them, and close the deal. The Notary will then forward the authorized documents to the closing agent for completion and filing.

Once the closing agent has received the notarized documents and they have been recorded, the closing agent will arrange a check or wire transfer to you, whichever you choose. Usually, this happens within a few days of the Mobile Notary visiting and signing the documents with you.

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Our cash offer for land will get you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable checklist and an $200 Amazon voucher as a free bonus.